The Educational Enterprise Foundation was established in 1991.

The main objective of our programmes is to increase educational opportunities for young Polish people both in the country and around the world. Our projects are targeted at increasing the availability  of university studies for young people from rural areas and small towns and providing a comparable level of education, so that Polish graduates can be effectively competitive on the labour market.


How do we support young people and the education sector?

  • we organise scholarship programmes for students, beginning from scholarships for the 1st year of studies, granted under the Bridge Scholarships Programmes that was introduced in 2002
  • we organize internships and co-fund education in the country and abroad
  • we organize competitions contributing to entrepreneurship development
  • we organize conferences on increasing educational opportunities for young people


The Foundation has 23 years of experience in the implementation of academic and social scholarship programs, through which students have so far been awarded over 41,000 scholarships. Over 57 thousand of people have participated in our programmes.


Date of the Foundation registration: 29.05.1991
The National Court Register [KRS] no: 0000078066
Business statistical no [REGON]: 470832831