The Educational Enterprise Foundation has been supporting the education sector for over 20 years. We conduct scholarship programmes for the best students, we organize and support conferences and competitions, we are also involved in sponsoring of publishing houses, we promote active educational methods and other initiatives aimed at increasing access to and quality of education offered to young Polish people.

The Bridge Scholarships Program is an extensive scholarship programme which offers students scholarships for the 1st and further years of their studies.It was initiated in 2002 by our partner, the Polish-American Freedom Foundation in response to a serious social problem – the clear disparity of access to higher education between urban and rural youth. The program helps talented young people from small localities, including former state-owned farm areas, make the decision to begin university studies by offering them first-year scholarships.

PROJEKTOR to program społeczny, w ramach którego inicjowane są spotkania studentów z dziećmi w małych miejscowościach. Nasi studenci-wolontariusze realizują w szkołach podstawowych warsztaty edukacyjne, których tematyka oscyluje wokół szeroko rozumianej aktywności obywatelskiej. Podczas warsztatów wolontariusze rozwijają w uczniach poczucie sprawczości i odpowiedzialności społecznej. Program PROJEKTOR wspiera małe miasta i wsie w wyrównywaniu szans edukacyjnych. Fundatorem Programu jest Polsko-Amerykańska Fundacja Wolności.

The Polish-American Internship Initiative is a program thanks to  which Polish students with excellent academic performance complete 2-3 month-long holiday internships in American reputed corporations. The initiative is a joint undertaking of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the US Embassy in Poland. The institution implementing the programme is the Educational Enterprise Foundation in cooperation with companies offering internships.

Entrepreneurship, Finances and Management is a competition addressed to economic sciences students. In this competition students verify their knowledge and skills standing up to practical problems occurring in enterprises and try their hand at negotiations. Winners are awarded attractive financial prizes. The aim of the competition is to promote integration of knowledge in management and finances, whereas its main objective is to verify the knowledge and skills acquired at university studies and to check their use in practice.

New cycle of conferences for non-governmental organizations, which we began in 2012, is focused on developing educational opportunities for young people living in small towns and the role the non-governmental organizations play in eliminating disproportion in access to university education and attractive employment market that exists between young people from rural areas and those living in big cities. The conference participants are representatives of non-governmental organizations engaged in educational undertakings for young people from rural areas and small towns. What we want to achieve by annual meetings is to create a platform for discussion and experience exchange aimed at enriching the educational offer and adjusting it to the needs of surrounding reality and environment. Conferences are held annually and are organized in cooperation with the Foundation for the Rural Areas Support and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.   We also organize the Academic Start Conference which gives students - beneficiaries of the Bridge Scholarships Program a chance to make their academic debut and creates a platform for exchange of ideas and experience among young people.   Since our establishment we have organized 30 conferences on higher education problems, its adjustment to economic and business needs and improvement of higher education quality. Over 2500 people took part in our conferences.