We organize the "Naukowy Start" (Scientific Start) conferences for students - Bridge Scholarship recipients and PROJECTOR program volunteers, as well as conferences for NGOs, dedicated to developing educational opportunities for young people from small towns.


The "Naukowy Start" Conferences

Students - scholarship recipients of the Bridge Scholarships Program and volunteers of the "Projector - student volunteerism" can present their scientific discoveries there and exchange ideas and experiences.


The conferences are an opportunity for scholarship recipients from different universities, regions of the country and fields of study to meet and get to know each other better, as well as start networking. The primary goal is to share interests and results of their first scientific research, to exchange knowledge from different fields of study and help the students to mutually inspire themselves. All this serves to enrich their workshop and help develop their ability to present the results of their own research, which will help them in the future.


Conferences for non-governmental organizations

Organized until 2017, the conferences were a joint venture of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, Fundacja Wspomagania Wsi (the Rural Support Foundation) and the Educational Enterprise Foundation. Representatives of NGOs involved in the implementation of educational projects for young people from rural areas and small towns attended these conferences. The conferences were devoted to various aspects of developing educational opportunities for young people from small towns.



Since its inception, we have organized 38 conferences. In the first years of FEP's (Educational Enterprise Foundation) activity, the conferences were devoted to the problems of higher education, its adaptation to the economic and buisiness needs, as well as the improvement of the quality of higher education; in subsequent years, the topics of the conferences evolved, touching on economic education, scholarship programs, development of educational opportunities and competencies of young people. More than 2,500 people attended our conferences.


More: Conference info and agenda accessible on-line (only Polish).