Entrepreneurship, Finances and Management is a competition addressed to economic sciences students. In this competition students verify their knowledge and skills standing up to practical problems occurring in enterprises and try their hand at negotiations. Winners are awarded attractive financial prizes.

The aim of the competition is to promote integration of knowledge in management and finances, whereas its main objective is to verify the knowledge and skills acquired at university studies and to check their use in practice.

The competition is addressed to students of the 3rd year of full time 1st degree studies or uniform master’s degree studies in economics, finance and management. Each university / department may be represented by only 1 team. The team should comprise at least 3 and not more than 5 students.


The competition is held in stages. The first two days are devoted to two stages of the competition during which participants make an analysis of cases provided especially for the event and prepare their reports recommending solutions to the presented problems. Each day ‘case study’ refers to a different aspect of corporate operation. Two teams get to the last third stage of the competition. The winning teams enter into negotiations that are conducted according to the guidelines given by an expert.


The winners are awarded attractive financial prizes, and the competition has been unfailingly popular among students. Participants representing 5 best teams are awarded.


1576 students representing universities from all around Poland have taken part in 18 editions of the competition. Next edition will be held in spring 2015.


The sponsor of prizes in the competition is the Kronenberg Foundation at the Citi Handlowy Bank, and the whole event is sponsored by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

Prizes awarded in previous competition editions were also financed by Narodowy Bank Polski and the Narodowy Bank Polski Foundation.