We are launching the project "Wzmocnienie działań misyjnych i potencjału instytucjonalnego Fundacji Edukacyjnej Przedsiębiorczości" funded by Rządowy Program Rozwoju Organizacji Obywatelskich during the years 2018-2030.

The total value of the funding we received is PLN 430,000.

Thanks to the opportunity to implement this project, we will carry out diverse and comprehensive activities for the development of our organization for more than two years.

Ahead of us:

  • Work on strengthening the area of evaluation activities at the Foundation, 

  • Conducting a professional social diagnosis on the potential, motivation, needs and expectations of the student(s) in terms of social engagement,

  • design thinking workshops,

  • Leadership Academy for Poland,

  • development and implementation of a new brand communication strategy for the Foundation and our sub-brands - the PROJECTOR Program and the Bridge Scholarships Program,

  • Preparation and implementation of an image campaign,

  • Student Proactivity Festival,

  • as well as work on strengthening fundraising pathways.

We will report on the next stages of the project on the FEP website and on our social media channels.