"Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen,

few in pursuit of their goal."


Fryderyk Nietzsche



The scholarships open the door behind which new opportunities arise. For two years I have been kept under the wings of the Bridge Scholarships Programme. Thanks to you I had a chance to give my first presentation at an academic conference, I learnt to put my ideas into practice during the workshops “Bridge Leaders”, next year I’ll probably go to study abroad for one semester. It is not enough to say “thank you” for all that we get from you.



Bridge scholarship beneficiary



Education is everything to me because I know that it is only through my hard work that I may achieve something in life. But without the scholarship that I was granted by the Educational Enterprise Foundation, all that would not have been possible. I’m happy cause I was admitted to the university I had dreamt of.



Bridge scholarship beneficiary from Kisielnice



In my case the scholarship was the condition to begin university studies, it helped me to focus on studying and developing my interests. In today’s reality it’s very difficult for young people to make a start, especially for those living outside big cities. Thanks to this scholarship I could study without financial burden.



Bridge scholarship beneficiary from Budzisław



My biggest dream came true – I was admitted to the Jagiellonian University. It would have been difficult for my parents to finance my studies in full. Your Foundation solved that problem, for which I’m very grateful.



Bridge scholarship beneficiary from Nebrow Mały



Undoubtedly, my education would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for your bridge scholarship which enabled me to live in the capital city. I used the granted money to pay for the dorm and cover all travelling costs.  I wish to thank you greatly for your support. 



Bridge scholarship beneficiary from Koniuszyn



I’m a happy 2nd year student of linguistics and I look into my future full of enthusiasm. Let me thank you very much for the help that you gave me in hard times. I will repay my debt by helping others as soon as I complete my studies and become independent.



Bridge scholarship beneficiary from Rydzew



Greetings from the beautiful Washington! Great thanks for giving me an opportunity to take part in such an internship. It’s an incredible adventure and great experience.



Polish-American Internship Initiative intern



The information on granting the scholarship to my daughter sent by the Foundation made our all family very happy. We’d like to thank you for making it possible for her to continue education. I, as a long-term PGR (former state farm) employee,  especially want to thank you it is a great thing that such an organization exists and helps poor people..



Father of a bridge scholarship beneficiary from Margonin



I’d like to thank you for the help and support that you provided by the doctoral scholarship and earlier bridge scholarships. It’s hard to express with words what it means to me. The scholarship is a distinction, award, success thanks to which I believed in my dreams and abilities. You gave me the chance. Thank you, I hope that I’ll be able to share what I got from you. I’ll never forget it.



Bridge and doctoral scholarship beneficiary from Bliźniew



The internship was one of the greatest adventures in my life and two breakthrough months in my career. It was an exceptional opportunity to get to know a very interesting culture and gain significant experience in a reputed company in USA. Having completed the internship in Raytheon  I began one-year internship in the European Laboratory of Particle Physics near Geneva, Switzerland. Programming knowledge and skills gained in the United States enabled me to create an application for modeling of superconducting magnets in CERN.



Polish-American Internship Initiative intern



I believe that thanks to good hearts of people such as members of the Educational Enterprise Foundation that supports students, despite my difficult financial situation, I’ll be able to complete the studies I’ve dreamt of.



Bridge scholarship beneficiary from Rokosowo



I got very good results in my high school-leaving examination and I knew that the University of Gdańsk was waiting for me! But life spoilt my plans. My studies in Gdańsk became highly uncertain, my parents were very much afraid that they wouldn’t be able to provide me with financial support. It was then that I found out about the bridge scholarship granted by the Educational Enterprise Foundation. I managed to get it! I was very happy.



Bridge scholarship beneficiary from Olsztynek



The internship organized by the Polish-American Internship Initiative was a great beginning of my professional career. It enabled me to gain valuable experience in one of the leading companies in automotive industry. My stay in the United States resulted in cooperation with the company’s Polish branch which lasts until today.



Bridge scholarship beneficiary and Polish-American Internship Initiative intern



I would like to thank you for actions taken by the Bridge Scholarships Programme for students from rural areas. Thanks to the scholarship grant that I received for four years I could devote myself to studying in a place and in a way that I had always dreamt of. Thank you for the Programme which made my dreams come true! I may confirm its enormous positive effect on the life of a student who wants to seek knowledge in an active way.


Bridge scholarship beneficiary from Kierzków